Over the past week, residents of Kwa-Zulu Natal (KZN) and Gauteng have been affected by riots, looting and political unrest. More than 45,000 businesses have been affected and trucks have been burnt, disrupting the supply of food, medicine and fuel.

As a result, millions of people are facing food insecurity. This comes on top of a devastating third wave of COVID-19 that has engulfed South Africa.

Shop closures and long queues have left the most vulnerable communities exposed to food shortages and subsequent hunger.

With the South African Police, National Defence Force and local communities coming out to protect streets, malls and neighbourhoods, the situation has been brought under control, however the underlying causes and reasons have yet to be resolved.

JAM is appealing for assistance in the form of donations to assist us in our efforts. A donation of $30 will provide a food parcel that will feed a family of four for a month, however, all donations are welcome.