JAM and LEGO toys have recently implemented a project at Bocoio hospital in which the therapy room, used by Dr. Francisco Celestin, a Clinical Psychologist who works with patients needing social support at the hospital, has been equipped with a range of LEGO toys.  Dr. Francisco has been utilizing the LEGO toys to diagnose and treat disorders in various young patients. 

Two recent examples illustrate the efficacy of this incredible project.

LEGO toys help diagnose a young girl’s condition.

Dr. Francisco had been working with a ten-year-old child named Cedílma for a short while before introducing her to the LEGO toys in the therapy room.  Cedílma’s interaction with these toys aided Dr. Francisco in diagnosing Cedílma condition, enabling him to prescribe constructive therapy and treatment for her. 

In addition, Cedílma found the interaction with the LEGO toys very therapeutic, as she had not been exposed to any toys in her life.  The joy and peace playing with toys has brought to Cedílma has also supported the therapy Dr. Francisco Celestin has prescribed.

How the LEGO toys aided a young boy’s recovery.

In the second example described by Dr. Francisco, a seven-year-old boy called António had recently experienced a serious case of Malaria for which he had been hospitalized.  In most cases, the recovery from Malaria takes some time as the illness saps strength from the patient.  António has been fortunate enough to attend a local school at which LEGO toys are active in supporting the education process. When António saw the LEGO toys in the therapy room, he displayed a great deal of excitement and joy and spent much of his time playing.  Dr. Francisco believes António’s remarkably quick recovery had a lot to do with the ease and comfort he attained through playing with the LEGO toys.

Hospital for many children can be a traumatizing experience, but JAM and LEGO toys have created a safe space in the therapy room at Bocoio hospital in which children can relax and engage in therapeutic play, further boosting recovery.

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